C++ code coverage shows miss on opening braces


The report shows missing code coverage on lines only containing an opening brace.



GitHub Action


  - name: Upload coverage data
    uses: codecov/codecov-action@v1
      token: ${{ secrets.CODECOV_TOKEN }}
      file: ./build/coverage.info
      flags: unittests,windows
      name: ${{ runner.os }}-clang
      fail_ci_if_error: true

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Codecov YAML

No codecov .yaml used.

Codecov Output

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Upload different code coverage reports using gcc the llvm toolchain
  2. Notice lines which only include an opening brace shown as missed.

Expected behavior: I would expect opening braces to not show as misses, just like with closing braces or described here

Actual behavior: Most of the opening braces are shown as misses.

Flakiness? Happened in all reports I’ve had since adding clang code coverage report with no variation.

Additional Information


Hi @AMS21, looks like this is an issue with the way we are calculate the adjustments on the Windows-clang builds. I’ll take a look and see what is happening on our bash uploader.

Hi @AMS21, we are still working on this here, thanks for your patience.

Hi @AMS21, quick update, I’ve opened a PR here which should fix the issue. Thanks for your patience again!

@AMS21, this has been deployed. Let me know if you are still running into issues.

Can confirm. I’m no longer seeing opening braces shown as missed lines. Thanks

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