Cannot view activated users in team and cannot activate more


My Bitbucket team account shows 3 activated users, but does not list any of them. Nor can my personal account become activated, when I think it should be.

The table of current users is missing:

When viewing a team-owned repo with my own account (in Bitbucket I am configured as admin):

Commit SHAs

No relevant commits


An example of a team-owned repository I am trying to reach with my personal account: Codecov

CI/CD or Build URL

Bitbucket Pipelines (but that is not relevant).


Using the Codecov bash script.

Codecov Output

The output is fine, uploads are working.

Expected Results

I would expect to be able to view the activated users, so I know which accounts have access.

I also expect that a new account is activated automatically with the checkmark enabled.

Actual Results

I cannot list current users nor can I add new ones.

Additional Information

@RobertoRoos, apologies we deployed a few changes here. Are you still experiencing the issue?

Hi @tom , glad to hear you’re working on this!

When I go the users overview from the Team account I am now directed to the… environment, but it’s not much better. This panel shows no users, activated nor unactivated:

And I still get the ‘Authorization Failed’ from my personal account.

There are ~20 Bitbucket accounts with access to this team account. Should all those already be in this list?

EDIT: Note, from the home page of my personal account I cannot view this team either. I can see several other Bitbucket workspaces (including my own).
I am not sure if the ‘sync teams’ button is successful, I’ve tried it a few times but nothing changes. No error is shown either.

Hi @RobertoRoos, we’ve rolled out more changes to this page. Sorry for all this back and forth, but your feedback has been incredibly valuable. Are you still seeing an issue here?

Hi @tom , that’s already.
Yes, the issue seems fixed! From my personal account I can now manage the team account: view activated users and make changes.

On my own homepage I can now see many more teams that weren’t there before you.
Thank you!

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