Codecov badge shows unknown tough coverage profiles uploaded

Here is my codecov page: Codecov

And here is my codecov page: GitHub - Andrew-M-C/go.jsonvalue at dev/github_workflow

codecov uploading configurations: go.jsonvalue/go_test_general.yml at dev/github_workflow · Andrew-M-C/go.jsonvalue · GitHub

Logs in Github Actions showed that upload process succeed, and my repo pages in codecov also shows coverage of 99%

But the badge still remains unknown: codecov

Have I done anything wrong? Or is there anything still needs to be done? I cound not find any further instructions.

Thank you in ahead!

@AndrewMC I think there was an issue with which branch it was coming from, but it looks like it works now for you?

I believe it is done. Thanks a lot!
Is it the issue that I did not set main branch as master?

@AndrewMC that would be my hunch!