Unknown Codecov Badge


The codecov badge in my GitLab repo shows itself as Unknown. The repo is public, though I had to write explicitly the token in the bash uploading on my Travis .yml file. Otherwise, the reports are not uploaded from Travis.





bash <(curl -s https://codecov.io/bash) -t

@aaronuv, thanks for this, we’ll take a look to see why this is happening.

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Hi @aaronuv, sorry for the delay here, we are still investigating.

@aaronuv, we made a small fix on our side here. Would you be able to push up a new commit? We should be able to process the commit successfully and set the badge.

It’s strange, because when I push a commit from my GitLab repo, the travis log shows me a GitHub-type direction:

→ View reports at https://codecov.io/github/aaronuv/arby/commit/d8c0a12d3d9d81a462e3eba517029fec338747a7

When I sign in with my GitLab in codecov.io it still appears as: No commits found on 'master' yet.

I know, it’s confusing, and we need to change the verbiage. The reports are successfully uploaded, but they have not yet been processed as that happens async.

@aaronuv, you are signing in with GitLab for your GitHub repo?

No, I’m sign in with my GitLab account for my GitLab repo. I’ ve to say that I have a repo for the same project in GitHub working fine with codecov.

@aaronuv, this is strange. Can you share with me how you are uploading coverage reports to GitLab? A CI link would be useful here or the full Codecov output.

@tom this is my Travis CI link. Coverage reports should be made from Travis.

@aaronuv, ok, do you mind pushing a new commit to your GitLab repo?