Codecov becomes flaky

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From earlier today, we are seeing Codecov coverage becomes flaky. We saw two things

  1. the coverage rate becomes up and down for exactly the same PR
  2. The coverage does not seem to reflect the real coverage

for 2, after re-run sometimes, it becomes back to normal. However it’s extremely frustrating since the coverage rate cannot be used as shipping criteria


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the coverage rate should remain 100%

Actual Results

it becames 99.7% and sometimes even drop to 98% but it came back after re-run

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BTW: these two SHAs with the same code produced different results:

@Edx, what I notice is that those two commits send a different number of uploads. The first sends 9, while the second sends 16. This could lead to coverage changes if there is additional coverage information being provided.

my apologies. Found a bug in the test-splitting code and that’s causing our tests to be randomly run now and then. Thus the different coverage rate. Sorry about that

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