website dashboard: Dynamic scaling of coverage graph


The Coverage Chart in the Dashboard view on the website should scale according to how the graph looks.


The coverage chart on the Dashboard view for a repo on (example) seems to be always scaled between 0% and 100%. My issue with this is that this makes small changes in coverage very hard to see.

In our project we’ve just started the work of adding tests to this repo, and it would have been very nice to be able to see the changes in coverage, even if they are tiny.

I’d like to suggest that the scale of the graph should be dynamically scaled according to the graph contents. This way (as in our case) even small changes (0.5% increase) would be quite visible.

Hi @nytamin

Thanks for the suggestion! We are currently working on a new UI, I’ve surfaced this feature request to the team who will will review it and see what is involved.

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Hi @nytamin – confirming that we’ve added Y-axis scaling to the new UI, which is getting release over the next few months.

As a preview :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback!!