Lines of code covered plot on dashboard


Plot of the lines of code covered


The main dashboard generates a plot of the coverage %. The autoscaling mentioned in another suggestion would be really nice, but I see that is covered already. So one thing I noticed is that the coverage can fluctuate as builds change or test cases are added, the coverage can drop or change due to to new code added or not being considered, particularly in header only libraries or template code. What I would suggest is an ability to plot the actual lines of code covered in addition to the %. It would tell a different story than the dashboard plot as is currently which for some of my libraries sits right around 100% most of the time but lines of code covered keeps going up. And that would be nice to see reflected in a dashboard view, or at least an ability to switch to that plot when desired. Autoscaling would probably be required for that kind of plot.

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Thank you for the suggestion! We have a new UI coming soon and I’ve shared this with the design and product teams for consideration.