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I am preparing our codecov setup on a dummy repository and I have been configuring a few components. So far I am pretty happy with the results but I cannot find any other UI for the coverage of the components I have defined besides the Github Actions checks as seen in the attached screenshot. Is there an UI that is currently available and I am missing? If not - are there plans to create one?

A trend view of the individual components, similar to the repository one would be great.


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@pshomov thanks for trying out components! We just recently released this feature, and as such, there is currently no UI available. It is only showing up in the pull request. The next iteration of components should include a UI component.

cc: @aj-codecov

Hi @tom,

Thank you for your confirmation. Could you share any ETA (as rough as it may be) about that iteration?

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@pshomov unfortunately I don’t have an ETA for this. If I have to be really rough, I would say by the end of the year we’d have it out. I know that’s not very satisfying, but I can’t put a quarter on it yet.