Codecov links not working and deltas calculated incorrectly?


  1. The coverage links provided by Codecov are broken.

E.g. in this PR, none of the links in either the PR comment or in the commit statuses is working. All gives a 500 Server Error back.

  1. The coverage delta calculation doesn’t seem right.

In the same above PR, the comment suggests coverage changes to some flags. Coverage for both the PR base commit and PR head commit are available at Codecov. If I take a look at the “Files” tab in each commit, and compare between these two commits, I see only some slight line changes (< 1%). But the coverage changes posted by Codecov in the PR comment suggests substantial changes (a couple of numbers all > 10%). Any idea what’s going on?

  1. PR comment settings in codecov.yml not being honored?

The codecov.yml file in the repo specifies the comment to only include “header”, “flags”, “files”, and “footer”. However, in the comment that Codecov actually posted in the PR, the “Reach graph” and the “Diff table” is also included.

Any answer or help would be appreciated! Thanks!

This usually means that some part of the codecov.yml is invalid and the file is being ignored.

In this case, it’s because default: off is not a toggle for the default settings, it’s the name of the status itself. It can be named anything you want, but it has to be a key for the map below it.

Can you please change it to default: or mystatus: or such, and see if we start honoring your settings? If not, please provide a new SHA after the change.

Any suggestions on making the docs clearer on this point are welcome.