Codecov not being pushed to pull request

In my CI I call and everything looks just fine, but the information about the coverage is not being shown in the pull request like they used to.

The output of the call says:
-> View reports at

and I can see the report at the URL but it’s not being pushed to the pull request.

The codecov integration has checkmark in “Read and write access to checks, commit statuses, and pull requests”

What can/should I do?

What info do I need to paste here for more help?

fex this commit hash 2b678349c6fe7bf7469803769b8a1a78e657aaa1

@gemal – we see the error in our logs and are investigating:

Unable to send status notification to user due to an unexpected error

I’ll come back once I have something here.


Hey @gemal – it looks like this timed out in its connection to Github, not your fault.

TorngitServerUnreachableError(‘Github was not able to be reached, server timed out.’)

That said, it’s also hard to reproduce, and retrying may connect this time. Have you seen this reoccurring on recent commits?