Why stuck in "Waiting for CI to complete"?

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CodeCov is stuck in "Waiting for CI to complete. Please review report with caution, it may change. " and the report doesn’t comment in the PR when using Github Action.


Codecov Output

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[2022-06-28T14:09:51.242Z] ['info'] {"status":"success","resultURL":"https://codecov.io/github/Tencent/spring-cloud-tencent/commit/f4f4ef65c2f0c275ce3c40e604c7c278fcdae356"}

Expected Results

Comment back to my PR.

Actual Results

No coverage report in PR.

Additional Information


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We have a similar issue. We also see Unable to find commit in Github on the commits page and Repo has been deactivated inside the repo settings. Uploading and seeing Coverage results seem to be working fine though, but no status checks are posted an i also see Waiting for CI to complete. Do see the same issues on your side?


We have been seeing a similar problem.
We integrate codecov/codecov-action@v2 in the github workflow.
When a PR is submitted, the log of GithubAction shows that the report upload was successful but we don’t see the coverage in the comment of the PR.

The page of resultURL of the upload has this message:

Hi all, taking a look into this. @paresy and @reasonerjt can you provide commit SHAs that have not received a comment or status check? There is often a delay between uploading and processing or between when a CI finishes and when Codecov processes the webhook from the code host provider.

Hi tom,

i was able to get official support from the support team. Turns our the CodeCov App had different IDs for my personal and for the org account. In the CodeCov database you had my personal id for both cases. Support was able to fix the AppID for the org part and now everything works awesome. Thanks for the support!

@paresy ah! great to hear and thanks for letting me know.