GitHub comment not appearing

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I sometimes (fairly often) see that the codecov PR comment does not arrive. That is the case with these two PRs in one repo:

They are not exactly the same, as the latter introduces flags but overall the problem is similar. The branch coverage is correctly loaded and visible at codecov (branch base). Flags also worked nicely and are visible.

However, when I follow the resultURL from codecov action, I see uploaded reports but the commits is still “Processing”. Example: Codecov


Their respective CI runs:

PR #119: docs: update readme · zazuko/barnard59@1a7f8c9 · GitHub
PR #125: ci: separate coverage reporting · zazuko/barnard59@5f23479 · GitHub

Codecov Output

Example job from PR #125

==> linux OS detected
==> SHASUM file signed by key id 806bb28aed779869
==> Uploader SHASUM verified (0c9b79119b0d8dbe7aaf460dc3bd7c3094ceda06e5ae32b0d11a8ff56e2cc5c5  codecov)
==> Running version latest
==> Running version v0.6.1
/home/runner/work/_actions/codecov/codecov-action/v3/dist/codecov -n  -Q github-action-3.1.4 -F barnard59-sparql
[2023-06-27T13:17:58.459Z] ['info'] 
     _____          _
    / ____|        | |
   | |     ___   __| | ___  ___ _____   __
   | |    / _ \ / _` |/ _ \/ __/ _ \ \ / /
   | |___| (_) | (_| |  __/ (_| (_) \ V /
    \_____\___/ \__,_|\___|\___\___/ \_/

  Codecov report uploader 0.6.1
[2023-06-27T13:17:58.469Z] ['info'] => Project root located at: /home/runner/work/barnard59/barnard59
[2023-06-27T13:17:58.475Z] ['info'] ->  Token found by environment variables
[2023-06-27T13:17:58.487Z] ['info'] Searching for coverage files...
[2023-06-27T13:17:58.660Z] ['info'] Warning: Some files located via search were excluded from upload.
[2023-06-27T13:17:58.661Z] ['info'] If Codecov did not locate your files, please review
[2023-06-27T13:17:58.661Z] ['info'] => Found 4 possible coverage files:
[2023-06-27T13:17:58.661Z] ['info'] Processing /home/runner/work/barnard59/barnard59/coverage/
[2023-06-27T13:17:58.663Z] ['info'] Processing /home/runner/work/barnard59/barnard59/coverage/tmp/coverage-1795-1687871876107-0.json...
[2023-06-27T13:17:58.665Z] ['info'] Processing /home/runner/work/barnard59/barnard59/coverage/tmp/coverage-1802-1687871876059-0.json...
[2023-06-27T13:17:58.670Z] ['info'] Processing /home/runner/work/barnard59/barnard59/coverage/tmp/coverage-1814-1687871875969-0.json...
[2023-06-27T13:17:58.755Z] ['info'] Detected GitHub Actions as the CI provider.
[2023-06-27T13:17:58.901Z] ['info'] Pinging Codecov:*******&branch=separate-coverage&build=5390299898&
[2023-06-27T13:17:59.069Z] ['info']
[2023-06-27T13:17:59.070Z] ['info'] Uploading...
[2023-06-27T13:17:59.237Z] ['info'] {"status":"success","resultURL":""}

Expected Results

Comment should appear on github

Actual Results

There is no codecov comment

Additional Information

It did work previously in that same repo: Migrate core package by tpluscode · Pull Request #107 · zazuko/barnard59 · GitHub


@tpluscode sorry for the delay here. I didn’t get a chance to take a look at this when our logs were still available, so I can’t figure out a concrete reason why the PR comment didn’t send. I do see that the status is processing on our end, and I wonder if something happened then to prevent it from moving to a success/failure state.

If you create another PR, would you expect to see this happen again? Are you able to create something?

Hi. Thanks for coming back to me about this.
It’s not the first I’ve seen similar occurrences, in this and other repos. It then always goes away later. This time too, subsequent prs were processed successfully…

@tpluscode I see, I think we need to do a better job at clearing our processing queue. I’ll let the product team know and see if we can make improvements here in the next quarter.

Aside from that, are you still running into issues?

All good, that issue notwithstanding. Thanks

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Ah, interestingly, I may just have triggered that same behavior:

@tpluscode hmm, I see a rate-limit error in our logs for that commit. If you do have the Codecov GitHub app installed, can you try uninstalling and reinstalling it?

Yea, having pushed some more commits to that same branch a little later, the comment eventually did arrive.

Will try reinstalling the app

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