Configuration file seems to be ignored


I’m struggling with getting CodeCov to take the configuration file in our repo into account.

At first I had suspected authorization issues (it’s an organization that is not mine, but the owner approved access).

We’re mainly working with PRs against a non-default branch. So I suspected that CodeCov only considers a configuration file if it is in the default branch (Mergify does the same, but probably more for safety reasons). But adding it there didn’t help either.


Additional Information

Our configuration file pretty simple. We want the PR comments to be more concise and use only a decimal precision of 1.

As can be seen in PRs that have been created after the most recent changes to the configuration file, the PR comment we get is formatted in the default style. (for example:

On a meta level, this could also be viewed as a feature request for better troubleshooting of an issue like that. For instance, why not show the configuration that is used by CodeCov on the dashboard? I haven’t found any direct why to confirm my setup, except opening new PRs over and over again, seeing if the comment format changes.

Update: Copy&pasting the contents of our YAML file into the input box on the settings page (had to be done by the org owner, though) actually had an effect.

I still think it should be able to parse the repo file as intended (and documented).

Another update: I’ve determined that this issue gets triggered because there is no .git folder when running the codecov script. Judging from the script, it looks like this should work as well (there is a find fallback for locating the configuration file), but apparently it doesn’t.

@dnnr, I’m not too clear as to the state of your issue. Were you able to fix by adding a .git folder or is this still a problem for you?

Hi @tom! I’ve worked around the issue by explicitly passing the configuration file path to the script using -y.

However, the original cause of my issue remains: If there is no .git folder, the script silently fails to find the configuration file. The script looks to me like it is in fact supposed to be able to find config even if there is no .git, so I’m guessing that this is a bug.

In short: It’s solved for me now, but others might run into this again.

Got it, thanks for the update @dnnr. I’ll let the product team know and see what might be going wrong on the backend.