Coverage does not update Github build status

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Sometimes, the Github’s build status is correctly updated by Codecov (I can see “:heavy_check_mark: codecov/project — 100% (target 100%)”) sometimes it is not (I can only see the Travis status).


Please, look here:
If you click on the checkmarks, you will see what I mean. On the #002076f commit, only the Travis status is displayed, while for #9c76647, both Travis and Codecov appear.

Additional Information

At first, I thought the Github build status was only set once: when the Travis build finished, and was not updated later. So, I added a sleep 10 in my Travis build to make sure that Github received the Codecov notification first. FInally, it seems this does not work anyway.

The Codecov builds are executing well, see:

Any suggestion to better understand this problem would be welcome, thanks!

Seems to be the same problem: Codecov status stuck at "waiting for status to be reported" on github

Hi @Delgan

Sorry for the delay in responding here. Is this still happening? Can you share a more recent one so I can check the logs?

@drazisil Hi.

I have both Codecov App and webhook configured on GitHub but this is still happening unfortunately.

See master for example:

Clicking on the “:heavy_check_mark:” for commit 7677371 does not show the Codecov statu

  • Travis report: https ://
  • Codecov report: https ://

However, the Codecov build is correctly reported for a previous commit ff2fe7b

  • Travis report: https ://
  • Codecov report: https ://

Sometimes, there is missing builds on the Codecov page (yet the four Travis builds succeeded):

There is a warning: " Notifications are pending CI completion " but clicking on “Push Notifications now” does not work.

PS: Sorry, the urls are not clickable because I’m not allowed to post more than 2 links.

Hi @Delgan

I fixed your access so the links should no longer give you trouble.

I see the status is back on the 13 July builds, did you change anything?

It looks like we had a lot of trouble pulling the report to parse it, and when we finally sent the notification we got a “commit not found” from GitHub, possibly due to the PR being merged?

Hi @Delgan

We fixed a bug last night about stuck statuses. Can I ask you to push a fresh commit and let me know if you are still seeing this?

@drazisil Thanks for the reply.

As you, I noticed that the status was working fine for recent commits. I did not change anything, though. Since my last message, I have not seen this bug again. I keep my fingers crossed.

I often git commit --amend and git push --force, this may explain why Codecov is not able to retrieve the commit on Github sometimes. Yet, I guess there should be no problem to push notification for the new commit, so I’m not sure why the status would not be updated.

I tried to restart a previous build where Codecov status was missing: new builds appeared on the Codecov’s report but the status on Github did not re-appeared. I guess this is expected as the build is somehow stuck. Manually forcing push notification still return a “Not found” error (yet the commit exists on master).

Fresh commits are correctly displaying the Codecov status, so this is hopefully fixed. :slight_smile: