Coverage reports uploaded successfully by Travis but not showing in Codecov


We’ve been running unit tests in TravisCI with codecov reports as a branch protection rule on pull requests for a while now, but on Friday the 7th June this seems to have stopped working.

Travis says it successfully uploaded the report in its logs, and provides a link to see the coverage report on, however the link 404s. It doesn’t seem that codecov is aware of any commits made since Friday, and 500’s when I try click on the links for PRs opened since then.

We have the codecov integration enabled organisation wide, and in the repository settings in codecov it says “A webhook has been enabled through GitHub Integrations. No setup required.”


Additional Information

Example of build where it claims to have successfully uploaded the reports:

@bameyrick Apologies for the issue. We shipped a small bug in our last update and have just found the root cause on the issue. Based on stack traces generated as a result of your uploads, you’re definitely impacted by this. Hope to ship a fix to production today.

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I would try to upload again and see if you’re commits are appearing in codecov. You may have to do it with a new commit in order for codecov not to Error out the build by looking for uploaded reports and processed results that don’t exist.

After rerunning our Travis builds everything seems to be fine now. Thanks for getting the patch out so quickly!