Coverage Igrnored?


Consider the following link:

If we go to files, there’s no coverage being reported for tests/ although, it is being uploaded, separately, and even flagged as tests



Data is being uploaded using bash uploader from several OS’es.

Additional Information

One of the +40 builds we do for each PR.

Each build uploads 2 reports, one for salt, main code base, the other for tests, it’s test suite .

Could this some bad configuration on our side?
The yaml validated fine.
If you look at that Jenkins build, in it’s artefacts, there’s a salt.xml and a tests.xml
The test.xml is what I think is being ignored.

Why does Codecov sometimes use the .codecov.yml from my repo and most of the times it doesn’t?

test/ keeps getting ignored, although reports are uploaded for them.

Do you have multiple directiries named test? We are investigating an issue where only one of those directories may show up in the report on Codecov

❯ find . -type d -name 'tests' -print

The only directories which actually contain python modules are:


Though the last one does not run through regular tests, it’s ignored.

Oh, you said test, not tests.
We don’t have any directories named test.