Report not loading

Anyone knows why the following PR report isn’t even loading?

I think this is a bug where we time out when there is a large number of files in the diff. Can you please share the commit sha from the head?

Yes, there is.

This is a work in progress so the SHA keeps changing as I move along.

The tip SHA is currently

At the bare minimum we should get a timeout message of some sort, however, I’d really like to be able to see the impact my PR is causing while working on it.

Any ETA for any of the above?

It’s should be fixed in our new frontend, which is coming “soon”

If GitHub can’t process it, they may not even be returning the data to us. Do you happen to have a newer commit SHA? The above one appears to be over 2 weeks old and isn’t in the logs anymore.

Here’s another one:

This one doesn’t change any “coverable” code, and also doesn’t load.

Current HEAD of the PR:

Also, what do you mean, if GH can’t process it?

Another one which does not load:

I was referring to to GitHub saying the diff has too many files to show.

It’s timing out for us in displaying. Why is the diff so large, is there a way to make it smaller?

Unfortunately, these are big PRs(can’t be smaller), at least the ones linked, and yes on at least one GH warns it won’t display the whole diff.

This is now the HEAD of our master branch, and we can’t load the report.

Do we have something wrong with our configuration?

@s0undt3ch some of these uploads (in the hundreds) are definitely stretching our current processing ability, hence why you are seeing timeouts. Directionally, we are making good progress on expanding our ability to process larger and larger sets of uploads, but it will take time.

I don’t see anything actively wrong with your configuration. You can always validate the YAML here: Validate the yaml

cat codecov.yml | curl --data-binary @-

Use the shell script above to post your yaml to Codecov to be checked for syntax and layout issues.