Successfully uploaded from CI but reports are empty


According to travis the reports are uploaded successfully. But the reports are empty on codecov.
This only started happening today and I haven’t changed anything in the CI.


Hi, I see that the reports uploaded to Codecov are indeed empty. I’m noticing that your coverage dropped to 0 about 5 months ago ( at this commit 370207b114a3e937cfabe03e2fd22a3da718ebac. Are you able to produce reports from this step?

Ah, good pick up. I didn’t notice this as the badge on my github repo was showing >99% until a week ago.
I can’t even figure out what I have changed that would effect it either. I’m kind of stumped…

Hmmm, I switched to using cargo-kcov and it all seems to be working now. Not sure what the problem was previously…

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