Deep file link assumes "src" dir exists refers to a repo that has a “lib” dir, but has no build process and thus has no “src” dir.

However, the links to individual files on that page include “src” in the URL - a string that does not appear anywhere in the repository. Those links give me a 404 with a hint about path fixing - but if i manually change the “src” in the URL to “lib”, i get to a page slightly closer to what i expect: (but it’s probably also a bug that this page loads, since this path isn’t a “tree” at all)

Is the relationship between the purely conventional “src → lib” hardcoded somewhere inside codecov? Is there a way I can avoid needing a codecov.yml in my repo to be able to drill down into these files?

@ljharb, I think I’m missing something. I can click on those links without a problem. Can you give a more step-by-step reproduction?

Hmm, it works for me now. Perhaps the links 404’d until the coverage data was processed, at which point it began to work?

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Hmm… that would be my guess. If you are able to reproduce, let me know and we can dig into it. As far as I know, we don’t do any src -> lib assumptions.