Detecting CI providers: case sensitive?


I have a quick question about how Codecov performs CI detection (

Are the search strings ( ci, semaphoreci, pull request validator (cloudbees), continuous-integration, buildkite) case sensitive?

We just switched our open source project from to in order to use their GitHub App integration, and the context for the Travis build changed from “continuous-integration/travis/pr” to “Travis CI”. Now Codecov no longer waits for the Travis build to complete before posting the coverage status to the PR. I hoped that the automatic detection would have matched the (all caps) “CI”, but it appears that it does not.



Additional Information

We use several CI providers, so first started seeing this issue when we made all the CI providers match the Travis context string (capital “CI”) on PR 1359 (

Hi @jsiirola, I’m not sure I totally understand the initial cause of this. I think I have a solution for you, though. Have you tried adding

    after_n_builds: 39

to your codecov.yml? I am guessing you want to wait that many builds based off of