Erlang support?


According to the example-erlang repo, erlang is supported out of the box with the python codecov client.

I’ve tried setting this up but it failed to discover the generated _build/test/cover/*.coverdata files. I then tried using the rebar3_codecov plugin which at least was able to upload a generated json file but that plugin gets coverage lines wrong.

I then saw that perhaps the codecov-bash would support Erlang since the github repo it supports many more than the list in the README. I found this pull request that was trying to do somehting similar. While the uploader actually uploaded my .coverdata files they were apparently not able to be successfully parsed on the codecov back-end


is a bit of a mess with the only successful output being the ones generated by the rebar3_codecov plugin which gets the coverage lines wrong


N/A this is not a browser problem.

codecov-bash: Bash-8a28df4
codecov-python: Codecov py-v2.0.15

Additional Information

Perhaps the erlang example repo can be updated to show how to actually do this because as it stands it does not appear to work? Or am I just holding it wrong?

Thanks for the great writeup! This is a known issue where as you mentioned Codecov doesn’t accept .coverdata files on the backend. I don’t currently have a solution or workaround for you if the rebar3_codecov plugin has not been working for you, but I will look into the effort to get this working for you.