Error error processing coverage reports

I am getting an error processing coverage report for last week. I have an Android App which uses Bitrise CI to run unit and UI tests and uploads the coverage report to codecov. The links on the error page are not really helpful and there were no errors while uploading the reports.

Can anyone help me with undestanding what’s going wrong?

Error Codecov:

Bitrise Build:

GitHub commit:

Hi @kevalpatel2106, I’m seeing that the report is expired. Are you seeing any long running builds? I would recommend following our expired reports guide.

Hey @tom,

I don’t think. As I am uploading the reports right after my tests finished. All tests take max 10-15 mins.

There seems to be a mismatch in the Jacoco reported time and when we get the actual reports. I’d be happy to dig in if you have another commit, but I see that you have updated your codecov.yml already.