"There was an error processing coverage reports." and CI Not Detected


Just what it says on the tin:

CI completes successfully, and the Bash uploader completes without error. But when going to CodeCov, there’s no “CI Passed” badge and the “There was an error processing coverage reports.” is all that’s shown on the page, with little to no information to figure out what went wrong.


CodeCov: https://codecov.io/gh/SenorPez/glowing-potato/commit/fb5f55c33c4e2b04310ce48f713fafda633d2b00
TravisCI: https://travis-ci.org/SenorPez/glowing-potato/builds/636477100
GitHub: https://github.com/SenorPez/glowing-potato/commit/fb5f55c33c4e2b04310ce48f713fafda633d2b00


Chrome: Version 79.0.3945.117
Windows: 10

Additional Information

Resurrecting a stale project. Wanted to make sure CI and Coverage still were in place before proceeding.

Hi @SenorPez

Report ed6b97ad-7282-4bd2-8c9d-c62a5a83eee8 is expired

This means the start time on the report is more then 12 hours prior to upload time.

In this case it’s 1557526388296 which is roughly Friday, May 10, 2019 10:13:08.296 PM

This is usually caused by either cached reports, or reports commited into the repo and then not updated.

You can find the full upload here: codecov.io/codecov/v4/raw/2020-01-13/6DC3350BA340D7100375A074D23A9473/fb5f55c33c4e2b04310ce48f713fafda633d2b00/ed6b97ad-7282-4bd2-8c9d-c62a5a83eee8.txt

Thank you very much, that was exactly the issue. I have a manually-created test report, since I can’t run Android instrumentation tests on TravisCI. Because it was so stale, it was killing the entire CodeCov report.

For my own knowledge, is there a way I can see this debug information. That error message alone would have gotten me on the right track, if only I’d known where to look! Adding in the link to the raw download to confirm it was the instrumentation report got me the rest of the way.

Thanks again!

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There is not. Better surfacing of errors to customers is very much an OKR focus and will hopefully improve with the new UI we have coming soon.

Until then, if you provide a SHA you are having errors with, I will be very happy to look it up and assist.

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@drazisil Would you mind reviewing this error as well?

In the repo max_report_age: off is set.

This is the job that ran:

It looks like we hit an API rate limit when we tried to fetch the commit from GitHub. Installing the Codecov app to GitHub is the best solution in this case https://github.com/apps/codecov

Thanks for the update.

The codecov app is in fact installed, for the org and has access to the all repositories in the org, and the relevant github action is also used to upload reports over to codecov.

Is there something else that needs to be done to bypass rate limits? The coverage reports are all uploaded to codecov in one step as part of the github build workflow.

@mmoayyed, just consolidating onto this post.