Error merging coverage in python matrix

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Codecov won’t merge the results of a python matrix with 4 versions.

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We tried using

coverage combine
coverage xml

and are now trying with

bash <(curl -s -v

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Fails showing:

Error applying workspace layer for job c2ce40ca-2331-4bcd-a063-a56a037b4f9f: Concurrent upstream jobs persisted the same file(s)

with the coverage combine method and showing:

Downloading workspace layers
  workflows/workspaces/621a2318-2328-4647-84b1-0c121914a33a/0/46a02591-5ab9-4e8d-9907-2bcf820821bb/0/103.tar.gz - 66 MB
  workflows/workspaces/621a2318-2328-4647-84b1-0c121914a33a/0/734db835-1a94-4e3b-88fb-083c5d028ab4/0/103.tar.gz - 66 MB
  workflows/workspaces/621a2318-2328-4647-84b1-0c121914a33a/0/91cd1bb6-9234-4d5b-9eca-837aa0ec8ad8/0/106.tar.gz - 2.9 kB
  workflows/workspaces/621a2318-2328-4647-84b1-0c121914a33a/0/2f04567a-90d1-467a-af1f-a004ff0e38d9/0/107.tar.gz - 2.8 kB
  workflows/workspaces/621a2318-2328-4647-84b1-0c121914a33a/0/e99348bd-0cac-4f55-be4d-4781b37d2511/0/103.tar.gz - 66 MB

with the bash command.

Expected Results

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We expected the coverage of the 4 python version to be merged and uploaded to the web.

Actual Results

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The coverage of the 4 python versions is not merged nor uploaded to the web.

@eurunuela, can you provide the full Codecov output or a CircleCI build URL?

My bad, I thought I did.

Here they are:

Thank you!

@eurunuela, I’m seeing /bin/bash: curl: command not found in those.

#!/bin/bash -eo pipefail
curl -s | bash -s -- \
  -f "/tmp/src/coverage/coverage.xml" \
  -t "${CODECOV_TOKEN}" \
  -n "${CIRCLE_BUILD_NUM}" \
  -y ".codecov.yml" \
  -F "" \
  -Z || echo 'Codecov upload failed'
/bin/bash: curl: command not found
Codecov upload failed
CircleCI received exit code 0

Are you sure your docker container on CircleCI has curl?

We install curl after the workspace is attached, which is what’s failing here. See our yaml.

    working_directory: /tmp/src/phys2bids
      - image: continuumio/miniconda3
      - attach_workspace:
          at: /tmp
      - checkout
      - restore_cache:
          key: conda-3.7-v1-{{ checksum "setup.cfg" }}
      - run:
          name: Merge coverage files
          command: |
            apt-get install -yqq curl
            source activate 3.7
            cd /tmp/src/coverage/
            coverage combine
            coverage xml
      - store_artifacts:
          path: /tmp/src/coverage
      - codecov/upload:
          file: /tmp/src/coverage/coverage.xml

@eurunuela, unless I’m mistaken, it looks like it is failing the attach_workspace and jumping right to store_artifacts. I think you’ll need to fix your CircleCI configuration

That’s right, and that’s exactly what I need help with. I don’t get why it doesn’t do the attach_workspace step. How should I fix it?

@eurunuela, this is a CircleCI specific problem. Googling your error message I see this. I’m going to close this out as a result.

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Thank you! I thought it was codecov related, sorry for that.

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