Error: "No commits found with the current parameters"

We are getting this error without any way to analyze it .


Error: “No commits found with the current parameters”


We are seeing this issue as well. Please see:

@gkorland You are being affected by this issue: OPEN ISSUE INVESTIGATION: Report stuck in processing + Unable to find report content in storage archive

@terrytangyuan, you are having a different issue. We are getting API rate limit errors trying to fetch the commits from GitHub. If you are using the GitHub app for Codecov, can you try removing and adding it back? If not, can you please try adding it?

we’ve got this issue now:

any tips?

@moui72 this is accurate actually as there are not enough commits on the main branch. However, the language is not clear so we will be fixing it to be more clear.

I see, thanks for response. Is this because we recently changed the name to main from master? Is there any way to integrate the names?

@moui72 currently there’s no way to do this, but I have made a request to the product team.

I notice that codecov reports no commits on main. Why is that? Is it because they are only merge commits?

@moui72, yes, you can read about how we handle merge commits here. Is there a commit that you are expecting to see that isn’t in the Codecov UI?

I’m confused about what the “coverage chart” is supposed to show and why it isn’t working for our main branch. Main will never get any commits that are not merge commits – does this mean we’ll never see a coverage chart?

Hi @moui72, the coverage chart shows coverage for recent commits in the default branch. If there is no coverage information for that commit, we won’t be able to display coverage.

hi @tom can you help me understand the codecov comment / report on this PR?

Why is it reporting a 0.01 increase in coverage, when I changed no files that pytest touches?

Hi @moui72, does this look like the correct set of commits for that PR?

yep! that seems like the right set

Hi @moui72, what CI/CD are you using and what uploader are you using? Also, what in particular looks wrong here?

we’re using github actions to run the tests, here is the part of the config that runs pytest and uploads to you

  - name: Test with pytest
    run: >-
      --shard-id=${{ matrix.shard }}
  - name: Upload coverage to Codecov
    if: ${{ always() }}
    uses: codecov/codecov-action@v1.0.7
      token: [REDACTED]
      file: ./coverage.xml
      fail_ci_if_error: false

every coverage change in that report is wrong, because this PR should not change coverage whatsoever. All that PR does is delete a line in codecov.yaml

comment: false

@moui72, I noticed that you have a different number of uploaded coverage reports between the base and head commits. Was there a failure here?

not sure, there was no error reported on the github side. I did manually re-run the tests for this PR in order to see if the report was stable. where do you see the number of uploaded coverage reports?

If you click on the Build tab on a commit, it will list out the reports uploaded to Codecov. I was seeing almost half as many on the HEAD commit.

yes, there are 10 reports for the PR in discussion because I succesfully ran the tests twice and we use 5 shards. there are 5 for the base branch because tests were only run once.

does re-rerunning successful tests invalidate the reports?