Getting "No remaining repo credit available. Please upgrade your account."


I’m trying to add another private repo from my company’s Github org, but getting the error message “No remaining repo credit available. Please upgrade your account.”. I don’t really understand what does this mean as even the free tier should come with unlimited repos.

So I’m posting here as this might be a general issue and I couldn’t find anything about it by searching for a few minutes.




Firefox 72.0.2 on MacOS 10.14.6

Additional Information

The exact moment I’m getting the error message is when navigating to and clicking on Activate Repository.

I suspect you are on a legacy plan. In your billing page, can you try switching to the per-user plan? It will give you unlimited repos and 5 free users with no charge.

I’m getting the same error for the same scenario: when clicking on “Activate Repository”.

The repo in question resides in the Gitlab subgroup. When I navigate to the billing page, I get information "This subgroup’s billing is managed by " and here comes the name of the main group.

But when I click “View Billing” (so that’s the main group billing) and then “Change Plan”, nothing happens except that… all users get inactivated.

Hi @piotr

GitLab subgroups and our billing system UI are a little wonky. We are working on a fix, but can I ask you to create a ticket so we can manually correct this for you? Mention this post, please.