Not able to add more than 1 private repos under basic plan


As per your pricing page, users can have unlimited private repos under basic/free plan. However, I was able to add just one.

Commit SHAs



I’m trying to add private projects under Mt-Makalu · GitHub

CI/CD or Build URL




Codecov Output


Expected Results

I should have been allowed to activate and add new private repos.

Actual Results

Getting the below error when trying to activate a new repository.
“Sorry, there was an issue. Private repository limit reached.”

Additional Information

Account: Code coverage done right.

Hi @jmsktm, thanks for your patience here. We’ll take a look and get this switched for you.

@jmsktm, you should be good to go!

Doesn’t look like it. I’m getting another error now:

Account activation required.

To view this page your account must be activated.
Please contact a GitHub Organization Administrator or Codecov Administrator to activate your account.

The Mt-Makalu account has already been activated.

@jmsktm can you post a screenshot and the URL you are trying to hit?