Getting "Waiting for CI to complete." in every single commit in 10 repos


Hi guys, first of all thanks a lot for any help you can provide.

We (my company) have 10 repos all with coverage being sent to Codecov.

In every single commit we get a " Waiting for CI to complete." message.


I also went to Gitlab to check if the webhooks are working and everything is OK. Codecov is even responding correctly (with 204’s).


I’ve tried to contact codecov’s support but they take too long to respond. We’re not using coverage because we don’t get any notifications on Slack or comments on the PR’s.

If anyone can help it would be awesome!

Thanks in advance,
Pedro Araújo, Tech Lead and

Sorry @pedromcaraujo!! Short story is that this is likely a bug and we’ve filed a bug report. I’ve responded more fully to your and Luis’ ticket in our support system.

Thanks for the help @jerrod!