All repos in organization are stuck on 'Waiting for CI to complete' for ~week


Thank you so much for codecov! It is a wonderful service, this isn’t an urgent issue but I have no idea how to debug further.

For the last two weeks all the repos under the ‘pion’ organization don’t seem to be generating reports.

All the commits also are marked as Unable to find commit in GitHub with an author of Unknown


There are more repos in the organization, but not all of them have seen commits in the last 7 days.



Additional Information


Hey @Sean-Der, sorry about this issue.

Dug into logs and the team-bot you’ve set (or team-bot that we picked up) does not have sufficient permissions for this repo.

The team bot = ernado

You’ll either need to add access to this Github user OR switch your team bot to a.) someone with access b.) create a new team bot c.) use our Github App to integrate (no team bot required)

I added the Github App and everything works perfectly now! Thanks @jerrod

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