GitHub API: Forbidden


When clicking on coverage status check results, Codecov prompts all users to log in to continue, and doing so just results in an error “GitHub API: Forbidden”, with an identical login prompt. Doing that a few times results in GitHub API rate limiting and reauthorization request for the GH App. Everything is public, no private components.


Steps to Reproduce

Expected behavior: See the diff and coverage report

Actual behavior: I cannot view anything, and am prompted to login repeatedly.

Flakiness? Not sure.

I’m experiencing the same issue.

I’m getting this too on

This is caused by rate limiting on the public user used to call the API to fetch the source code for display. We have requested a rate increase for this user and apologize for the inconvenience.

I think I’m seeing this today too on public repos. It works when I’m logged in, and gives the above error if I am not. Was Github able to fix it on their end? It would be helpful to have this error message mention that logging into Github may be a work around.

Happening on:

@vtjnash, I’m able to load that page right now. Can you try again?

Yep, seems to be working again, even when I’m not authenticated