Github bot doesn't report PR

Please check what’s the problem. We have been expireicing this problem since last month. Codecov doesn’t report consistently. Some PRs have reports, some not.

Example PR:

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Close and re-open PR helps, but still theres obviously something wrong.

Hi @atugushev

The next time this happens, can you share the commit SHA that didn’t trigger a comment so I can check the logs? It’s hard to look up what happened with just the PR number, as things change with every commit.

Hi @drazisil! Could you check this one please ?

This looks liker a case of the upload failing (it’s async so we can’t return that to the uploader) and therefore the downstream tasks fail.

We are investigating the cause, but the workaround for now is reuploading the report, as you did before.

We’re having this same issue with a number of repos. We’ve filed a support ticket with Codecov but haven’t heard back yet.

Hi @mkay581 can you share the ticket number? (should be at the bottom of any emails from us)

I wasn’t able to locate it by your email here on the forums.

Hey @drazisil. Thanks! Yes, the ticket is 2030. We’ve been asking about the status and for follow up but responses haven’t been as helpful yet.

Hi @drazisil. Could you check please this commit?


This commit also didn’t trigger a comment:

Hi @atugushev

We have a PR in review that should address your issue (the number of uploads caused a race condition)

We’ll keep you posted.

@drazisil Could you share a link to the PR?

It’s to the private backend, so I’m unable to.

Okay, thanks. Keep in touch then.

Since three days there are no reports :frowning:

The PR is is review, should be fixed soon. I’ll let you know.

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It seems everything is okay now, for reports appear consistently. Thanks for fixing this!

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