Github Comment says the pull request didn't change any code


GitHub Comment says the pull request didn’t change any code, while the " Continue to review full report at Codecov." link shows coverage correclty.

The comment that says lines of code after the pull request didn’t change:


Link to comment:

Steps to Reproduce

It’s still broken.

Expected behavior: The GitHub comment should show the same as what “Continue to review full report at Codecov.” shows.

Actual behavior: The GitHub comment says my pull request changed nothing.

Flakiness? First the bot edited the comment for 1afa143, displayed coverage correctly, then it edited its comment for the same commit again which was broken.


Additional Information

In the pull request there has been several times I edited the last commit and re-force-pushed or pushed multiple commits at once.

It was just an instantaneous glitch that I thought it works, the bug still exists.

This comment and its revisions:

The bot first posted a comment when I committed. That comment had the correct coverage numbers. Then the bot updated the comment with empty placeholder numbers.

The problem is the initial commit of the coverage change range:

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It’s comparing the last commit with itself

Hey @DesWurstes I believe we’ve found the root of this bug and are deploying a fix. Sorry for the issue!


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