Two comments added to each pull request on github


I integrated codecov into the main boinc repository and tuned settings so that there is only one comment for every pull request that get’s updated when the pull request is updated. So far only the changes regarding the content of the comment seem to be taken into account. I still see two comments although I disabled the comment for the project coverage as I only want to see the patch coverage. A recent example is this PR:



We are using Travis CI and the python codecov tool to submit coverage reports.

Additional Information

Latest configuration is in the repository.

Hey Christian, thanks for your patience. I’m investigating this + a similar ticket here: Codecov comments twice on PR

Ok, solutions wise, I tried resetting your bot account on Codecov. Can you give this another shot?

@ChristianB we pushed out a fix here --> it was a quite nasty interaction with Github but I think we have in a sane state now. Can you check and confirm?