GitHub OAuth reseting every day


Getting 401 for GitHub OAuth.

Clearing cookies works, but just for a day.

Next day 401s come back.

Clearing cookies on a daily basis can not be the long term fix.

Please advise.

Hi @bwhite-mdsol, we are working on a fix, really appreciate you letting us know.

Thanks for the prompt reply!

Hi @bwhite-mdsol, we rolled out a potential fix to the issue. Can you let us know if you get this issue again?

Will do. Logged in fresh an hour ago. Will see what happens tomorrow and update here.

Got logged out–401 attempting to reconnect. Went to and it reconnected. This is the first time I’ve tried the direct logout approach.


Thanks @bwhite-mdsol, we noticed that the patch hasn’t fixed the underlying issue. We will continue to investigate and fix ASAP. Thanks for your patience here.

Hi @bwhite-mdsol, we have pushed a fix that should fix the underlying issue. Thanks for your patience here.

No access issues for two days now. Thanks for the fix!

Great! Glad it worked!