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Is there a way to get a repository for a Github Organization. I gave Codecov all permissions.

Hi @XenfoMC, what organization is this for? We recently made some fixes so see if that works for you.

@tom I have write permissions in, I’ve initialized, but I can’t access its Settings. Can you help please?

@AlexWayfer, try clearing your codecov cookies (chrome://settings/cookies/detail? and logging back in. You should be able to access the page. If that doesn’t work, let me know.

Done via Chrome Dev Tools. The same: there is no “Settings” tab. By the way, your “link” has no href. So… I’m letting you know!

Oh thanks! I updated, but it’s just to delete those cookies. I know this sounds inane, but did you log back in?

It’s still looks broken.

I’ve done it with Chrome Dev Tools. Another try was just now, with Local Storage clearing.


@AlexWayfer, I’m thoroughly confused, you should have access. Would you be able to screenshot what you are seeing?

Of course:

(I don’t know how to illustrate write permissions to you)

(there is no “Settings” tab)

Do you need another info? Is it a problem or intended behavior?

Hi @AlexWayfer, I’m a bit confused here. Would you be able to re-sync at and{username}?

How to do it? I’ve done re-installation of Codecov GitHub application for my personal account (for all repositories) and for this filewatcher organization, but still don’t see “Settings” tab.

You can go to and click Sync your team list.

and{username} and click Sync team repository list

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Thank you! I didn’t see this link:

Now I’ve granted permissions and see a “Settings” tab at the

Sorry and thank you for help.

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Awesome! Glad it worked @AlexWayfer!