GitHub PR comments too long


Because of the number of CI instances we run the codecov report that is posted to GitHub in a comment is quite long.

Also because of the length there is a lot of scrolling down to find comments…

Maybe this could be a yaml option to only include the coverage map and diff and exclude ci instances and impacted files.


Possibly shorten the number of CI instances which it reports in the summary, if possible maybe that could be accessible somewhere on the report page.



GitHub Actions CI, with 20-30 instances reporting, Edge Chromium.

Thanks @nmoinvaz, this is something we are currently working on! Will let the product team know.

Just as a quick update, we are working on this feature for Carryforward Flags. As for now, you can always hide the flags section of the comment by adding this to your codecov.yml

  layout: "reach, diff, files"

@nmoinvaz, we have made some changes to the PR comments so that if you are using Carryforward Flags, you should not be receiving flag information for reports that are carried over. We’ll be formally writing up documentation and a post about this soon.