Repeat/infinite status check updates and comment edits

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We’re seeing repeat/infinite status check updates (and as a result, codecov report comment edits) on our PRs which is causing us to hit the limit for status check updates on a given SHA for a PR (this limit, per Github, is 1000/SHA). This is a pretty big blocker as it prevents us from merging a PR that has run Codecov.


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Codecov Output

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Expected Results

A single status check is posted/reported and a single comment (or edit to original comment) is performed.

Actual Results

See image showing how often Codecov is updating comment in response to status update:

@btrautmann can you provide a commit SHA so we can investigate?

@tom one of the one’s that’s experienced this was ec980c10e547cec24812306e6de6d48b62584715 on Sep 19.

@btrautmann woof, ok I see that we are sending a lot of notifications here. Is there anything particular or out of the ordinary in your CI setup? Would you be able to share the Codecov logs from CI?

@tom the only thing I’d say is maybe atypical is that we use Policy Bot to aid in approvals and PR audits. This runs when certain things occur on a PR to validate whether a specific flow chart of requirements has been met. I don’t see how this would interfere/cause Codecov to do weird things, though.

I’m not sure I should share logs publicly. Is there a more secure/less public channel we could use to communicate/transfer those?

@btrautmann no worries, I’ll see what the product team needs specifically. Thanks for getting back to me.

Thank you. We’ve had to disable Codecov on our repository until this is resolved, so we’d super appreciate any escalation we can get on this. Thank you.

Got it, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can figure out what’s happening @btrautmann

Hi, has there been any movement on this? We’ve implemented some workarounds on our end via PolicyBot to mitigate how often we run into this but it’s still happening occasionally.

@btrautmann there isn’t any new update here, but it’s in our engineering team’s hands. I’m sorry, I pinged them back about this to see if we can prioritize it higher.

@btrautmann ok, we’ve made some fixes on our end for this. I know it’s been awhile, but would you be able to ping back if you see any weirdness with notifications?

Thanks for looping back @tom . We made some changes on our end to work around these issues, but another team implemented them so I’m not familiar with the changes. I can certainly let you know if we see any issues in the future, but in the meantime we can probably consider this ticket closed!

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