Repeat/infinite status check updates and comment edits

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We’re seeing repeat/infinite status check updates (and as a result, codecov report comment edits) on our PRs which is causing us to hit the limit for status check updates on a given SHA for a PR (this limit, per Github, is 1000/SHA). This is a pretty big blocker as it prevents us from merging a PR that has run Codecov.


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Codecov Output

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Expected Results

A single status check is posted/reported and a single comment (or edit to original comment) is performed.

Actual Results

See image showing how often Codecov is updating comment in response to status update:

@btrautmann can you provide a commit SHA so we can investigate?

@tom one of the one’s that’s experienced this was ec980c10e547cec24812306e6de6d48b62584715 on Sep 19.

@btrautmann woof, ok I see that we are sending a lot of notifications here. Is there anything particular or out of the ordinary in your CI setup? Would you be able to share the Codecov logs from CI?