GitHub public repository issues

GitHub users may be experiencing intermittent issues retrieving commits and other tasks. We are working with the GitHub team to get this fixed as quickly as possible. We will update on this thread and on our Codecov Status Page

We are continuing to experience this issue for GitHub users on public repositories. This is due to high usage of our API token resulting in a rate limit.

If you are using a team bot (, we strongly recommend that you switch to using the app on the GitHub marketplace ( We recommend this as a permanent fix, and it should clear up any further issues for you and your repositories.

We will continue to work with GitHub to put in place a more robust solution.

Is this still an issue? The status page implies there’s been no updates in a week and a half. Are there any workarounds? I’m using the Github app and PRs aren’t working - see for example.

Hi @ljharb, have you opened up an issue in Support? I can take a look for you.

No, I hadn’t; thanks, created PRs not registering in codecov/PR status

I have the same issue here =>

Hi @pierre-gilles, would you be able to open a ticket in #support

Hi everyone, we have made some fixes on our integration with GitHub, and users should no longer be experiencing issues. We will continue monitoring the situation.

@tom I am still experiencing issues and logged this Private repo: There was an error processing coverage reports, please advise, thanks!

@bizob2828, replied in thread