How to stop email reports?


Each time codecov runs I get an email, and I would like to stop this behavior. I have looked at all the options I can find via my dashboard after login and there doesn’t appear to be a way to affect this behavior. Can anyone advise? Thanks in advance for any suggestions or insight.



Firefox, Linux Ubuntu 18.04

You have a few different options.

I’m assuming that you are referring to the email that GitHub sends you every time CodeCov posts a comment on a pull request.

Your choices are:

  1. Tell CodeCov to stop posting a comment. See the “Disable Comment” section of this page:
  2. Change your GitHub notification settings so that GitHub does not send you email:
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Very helpful, @DilumAluthge, thank you!

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Thanks for the helpful response, @DilumAluthge!!

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I don’t think either of these solutions are ideal. The comment is useful at the end of the pull request but I don’t need to get an email about it as it is redundant. If I turn it off I see nothing. Secondly, I still want to receive emails from github from other developers and other tools, turning notifications off in github is to broad of a solution.

What would work great if there was a way in the yaml file to specify not to send email notifications. The closest thing I see is only sending notifications after every so many coverage uploads. I suppose I could just set this to a really large number.

@JoshuaSBrown, thanks here. Unfortunately, the email notifications are tied directly to GitHub’s notification system as we do not send the emails ourselves. There is no current way for us to get around that.