Is it possible to use the Codecov GitHub app without receiving comments from the bot?

I have recently set up our Codecov GitHub app integration (as discussed here), however now I realize that this comes with automated comments posted by the Codecov bot:

I would prefer not to get these comments. Is there any way to disable these comments?

Put this in codecov.yml to disable PR comments:

comment: false

Unfortunately, adding this setting did not stop the bot from leaving comments in our PRs.

Our repo is sablierhq/v2-core, and this is our current config:

  require_ci_to_pass: false
comment: false
  - "script"
  - "test"

@PaulRBerg can you provide a PR number that is seeing the comment still?

Sure! PR number is #322. The bot commented 11 hours ago:

This is even if the the base branch (main) and the head branch (prb/deps-and-tests) both have comment: false in the codecov.yml file. Not sure if relevant but head branch has been recently rebased from the base.

@PaulRBerg I think something strange is happening, I don’t see that PR in the Codecov UI or that commit (dca6226) on the main or prb/deps-and-tests branch. Am I missing something here? Maybe a full commit SHA would be helpful

@tom I might have rebased from main and pushed with force in the meantime. Sorry. This commit should definitely work now:


The bot still makes comments!

@PaulRBerg, I’m not seeing any comments being sent to that commit. Do you mean status checks by any chance?

Or definitely the comment

Here’s a screenshot:

And a link to this comment.

At any rate, this bug also happens in other repo of mine, which is open-source. See this PR - the Codecov bot already left a couple comments, which I deleted using my admin rights. This in spite of the Codecov config having comment: false (in both the base and the head branch).


For pull 322, there were 2 commits d3d0e4 and d01cc. Neither of those commits was sent notifications (the comment). However, you initially had dca6226 which did NOT yet have the comment: false in the YAML. This is why you have the PR comment on that pull request. You should not have it for future PRs.

The 2nd PR is difficult to debug due to all the rebases and the delete comment. I would need to get the commit SHA that actually posted a comment.

Oh, shoot, I think you’re right. Thanks for investigating this, @tom! I’m sorry for my clumsiness here, I should have realized that the comments were associated with an older commit.

Regarding the 2nd PR, it’s all clear now. The contributor who opened the PR pushed a few commits a few hours ago, and they did not trigger a new comment by the bot!

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All good, no worries! Glad that that cleared things out!

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