How to upload codecov with fastlane and Xcode 10.2?

The sample project is pretty out of date and I’m not sure where to start with getting coverage results uploaded.

I’m running fastlane scan with code_coverage enabled, but all the codecov bash uploader seems to do is find the report.xml that Fastlane generates and attempt to upload it over and over.

I’ve tried using the -X xcodeplist and other flags, nothing seems to work. Does anyone have any example of how I can get this working with fastlane? I don’t think I should need slather, but even when I tried slather it didn’t work properly.



Same issue, reached out to support email but redirected here.

Anyone follow up with this matter? I’m using fastlane + circleci with multiple instance and gather xcresult from each instance then merged them. Is there a way to upload xcresult file to codecov?

@intoxicated, can you open a new thread on this?