Xcresult to codecov

I’m currently using fastlane + circleci to automated tests. On ci, because I have too many tests, I split tests among multiple instance to run concurrently and merged all results (junit, xcresult) afterward. But it seems like codecov does not accept xcresult as valid input at this moment. Any future plan to support xcresult or is there an other way to upload properly when using multiple instances?

Hi @intoxicated, I’m not too sure at the moment. Would you be able to share a link to a circleci build?

I haven’t set up codecov on ci yet, I’m testing on local at the moment.

Would you be able to share the Codecov output and possibly the xcresult file?

@intoxicated same setup here (fastlane + cicrcle)… Did you figured out how to upload results to CodeCov?

@AleksP, would you be able to provide the repository and a commit SHA? If you have a link to a CircleCI build, that would also be extremely helpful.

Hi @tom it’s private repo and I cannot share it.
I’ll send you message with steps I’m doing so we can find where issue is.

Thanks @AleksP, just confirming that I DMed you here.

I fixed issue by adding:
to fastlane env file

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