Ignoring pull requests from certain branches

Is it possible to ignore certain branches wilcard, so to prevent codecov from happening?

for my scenario: my team do git flow where there’s a release branch, and we want to merge the release branch back to the main branch.
However, for these branches, we want to skip various jobs (linting/testing/etc/etc) because we don’t see the need to. Unfortunately, codecov will wait indefinitely for the test reports to be out, which will not happen for those branches

I’m confused @finalight, is Codecov waiting because it is set as a required status check?

which required are you referring to? the one in codecov settings or the one in github repo settings?

@finalight I meant the one in GitHub settings

as an example

yea, i checked, it is required.

i don’t think my team can remove that, because we need that for other branches → master

but at the same time, release branch → master should just pass as it is