CodeCov spamming PR with many comments


In my PR, codecov recently started:

  • Adding comments from someone else, not from codecov-io ([mahmoudian1]). (for a month now)
  • Adding multiple comments after every update to the PR
  • Adding both comments from mahmoudian and codecov-io (since 1 week ago?)

It’s extremely annoying and affecting both me & contributor to the repo. Can

Here is an example PR


Steps to Reproduce

  1. See
  2. Create a PR.
    2.1 See new codecov comments after every update to the PR
    2.2 See that the comments coming someone not codecov-io

I haven’t changed any codecov setup recently, so maybe I have to do something for that?


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Additional Information

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Hi @manhhung741

It looks like chanzuckerberg has mahmoudian1 set as the bot. If you are using the Codecov app on GitHub, can you revoke and add it back? If not, can you try adding it?

Let me know if this works.

Thanks for the suggestion! To test it, we have tried to revoke codecov access. On the bright side: I don’t see comment from mahmoudian1 any more. However, it seems there is still a comment from codecov-io and we’re not clear where it is from. Maybe we have both a github app and one of their legacy integrations. Can you help us checking what’s the remaining connection?

Hi @manhhung741, I noticed this was still an issue for you. If you still want to turn off comments, you’ll need to

(1) change your .codecov.yml file to codecov.yml
(2) add comment: false to it to turn off all comments.

Hope this helps!