Kotlin files in Jacoco report only shows when path matches declared package

In Kotlin the style to put the code file exactly where the package is no longer is convention. The Codecov report does not show such a file. The jacoco report includes it. E.g. /src/main/kotlin/hello.kt with contents
package com.hello.world

fun hello() = “world”

With a test that includes JUnit Assert.assertEquals(“world”, hello()) will not be visible in codecov.

Description of the issue


The effects are visible in https://github.com/mleegwt/ExternalAlarmClock/pull/34

Steps to Reproduce

Expected behavior: All kotlin source from the jacoco report is visible

Actual behavior: kotlin source is only visible when path matches the package declaration.

Flakiness? No


Viewing codecov reports on iPad in safari on iOS 12

Additional Information


The pull request used as an example shows that matching the package declaration with the path results in the source being visible in the report.

Thank you for the report. Is this a problem that could be resolved on the user end simply by fixing paths?