Manual GitHub Comment trigger

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I’m interested in using the Components feature to view coverage on a specific portion of the code, but the only way to use this feature is via GitHub PR comments. We’ve broadly disabled PR comments on our monorepo, but I would love to enable them for when specific files change or via a manual trigger on the PR.

Is there any way to hook the PR comments feature up so that it only triggers for specific use-cases? I see the require_changes: true flag, but I essentially want a combination of this flag and a path specification.

The other option here would be to allow users to manually trigger GitHub comments on some action. Is there an API we can hook into to trigger GH Comments?

@JennerF if I’m reading this correctly, you’re looking to get a PR comment when a particular file or directory changes. The best way, as you mentioned, would be if you could do this using Components.

Right now, this is on our product roadmap, but doesn’t exist. I would make a post on our feedback channel so that our product team can get the feedback.