Many false results lately


My team has been experiencing many false results. The results will indicate drops in coverage usually. This is a typical example.

This PR was a change only to the location of an existing gem in the Gemfile. There should be absolutely no change in coverage, but yet it shows a drop. When you click on the details (which takes around 15 seconds to show up), there is no drop indicated.

(I tried to post the 2nd image, but the rules only allow new users to post 1 image)

I’ve recently submitted a PR for the codecov-ruby gem as we were experiencing about a 5% failure rate of having the results successfully uploaded. My PR adds the a retry that will attempt 3 times before failing.


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Hi @mcmoyer

Thank you for reporting this. While we take a look, can I ask you to try the bash uploader and let me know if you see the issues there as well?