My public Github repository is recognized by Codecov as private


My public Github repository is suddenly recognized by Codecov as private. But it’s a mistake.


Hi @belyaev-ms

I’m showing it as public in the database. Can you share what you are seeing that indicates it’s private?

Hi @drazisil,

When I want to open the last report I see this:

I’m not able to reproduce this. Can you check your network tab / console and share any sanitized errors?

This is very strange, but after my last commit, the Codecov made a Report. Now everything is all right.

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Same problem. Does this help you diagnose it?

And, yes, it’s public.

Hi @extremepayne

This is a different issue from above. I believe this is the issue on our status page, can you try uploading the report again to confirm its working now?

I’m committing now… and… tests running … and … coverage ran. Shows on the dashboard. Thank you for responding so quickly. Just to clarify, my report looked just like belyaev-ms’s with the private repo message, maybe he was experiencing the same problem, it just didn’t look like it? But anywho, it’s fixed. Now I can get back to increasing test coverage.

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I have this exact issue, with the prompt about Private and everything. Not sure why it asked that. Then I rebuild and it still doesn’t show up in the PR, it did create a new report though and shows up there. But the orignal report is here:

and gives a very odd error.

Hi @elucidsoft. You current issue is here Unable to find report content in the storage archive

I’m glad the private issue resolved for you.