No reports for one of my repos


looks like codecov if not sending me the code reports (i do not see the comments or checks in my github) and i get this error from bitrise:

Running gcov in . (disable via -X gcov)
==> Python coveragepy not found


Codecov 1.1.5

Renzo, sorry to hear you’re running into issues. Would you be able to share what repository this is for and how you are calling codecov (through the bash uploader or python library)?

Hi tom,
the repo is called “android”, it is a private repo therefore i cannot share it.
I would be calling codecov through the python library.

I have contacted support last monday and until now no replies from codecoved support although i am paying for my unbrella subscription.
#not cool

Kind regards,

Thanks for your message, @rdiazlizarraga . I’m really sorry that you did not get a timely response from support, and I understand how frustrating that can be. That said, I had looped back with the support team to make sure you got a response and seems like you were getting good back and forth from them.