PR reporting very low coverage and hence a huge decrease in coverage

This is a public repository apache/incubator-hudi

I recently added codecov integration. From then on, the reports have been very inconsistent. For some PRs the report gets generated properly (example) and for some other the report completely ignores coverage and reports a decrease of as much coverage as we have today (example).

Can anyone help me understand what is going on here and if I have to make further configurations to avoid this problem ?


Hi @ramachandranms

Is this a monorepo? Are you uploading full coverage on every run?

Not sure about monorepo. We are uploading full coverage on every single run. One of the modules collect an aggregate report and we use the base script at after_success in travis to upload the numbers.

Some other observations have pointed me in believing that only PRs raised before codecov integration went into master are having problems. new PRs seem to be performing alright

Interesting. Please keep an eye on it and let me know if it starts again, please.

@drazisil None of the recent PR jobs are getting update with the coverage report. When I see the codecov page, it is reporting that CI is pending on all the jobs. Can you please take a look. Thanks.

I believe I’ve fixed this, can you please check if commits after now work correctly?

can confirm. codecov comments are appearing in the PRs for the past couple days.

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